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Traffic Builder

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Traffic Builder
Traffic Builder


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Revolutionary Software Puts YOU

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Online … WITHOUT Paying For Ads


It’s time to stop WASTING money on paid ads and spending hours posting on forums and blogs … TrafficBuilder completely automates buyer traffic for you.

Forget about fighting with other marketers for the same old audiences that ignore your posts and ads. Now you can attract hungry buyers in literally MINUTES, no matter WHAT niche you’re marketing to.

This automated software gives users what they want, makes YOU the authority, so you can crush the competition. And it does this in MINUTES … not hours, days, weeks or even months. You’ve never seen targeted traffic come in so fast, and it happens with ZERO ad budget.

Traffic – The One Thing EVERY Marketer Needs More Of. Doesn’t Matter WhatYou’re
Selling, How Good The Sales Page Or Product Is … It ALL Comes Down To Traffic…

Get Traffic Builder on right now!

Historically There Are 2 Types:



AKA The Biggest Lie Ever Told. Some Ways To Get It:

  • Post in blogs and forums for hours every day.
  • Write articles, create videos and build out multiple social media profiles.
  • Optimize your sites for SEO and hope to compete against the big guns for the scraps that remain.
  • Invest hours of time HOPING all your efforts pay off.

Free Traffic Is A Lie Because All You’re Doing Is Trading Time For Results, And It’s Usually A Losing Deal.



Making The Rich Even Richer. It Can Be Fast, But You’ve Got To:

The ULTIMATE In Converting Traffic:

Fast & 100% Free


Faced with increasing ad costs and audiences that ignored our posts, we set out to do the impossible: create a tool that would WORK like paid traffic, but require zero ad budget.

Nothing like this had been done before, so it wasn’t easy. It took all of Ben’s development skills and MONTHS of research into different networks.

With our software and system, you can have traffic campaigns set up in LITERALLY 2 minutes. Then start seeing consistent results in as little as 15 minutes.

This is faster than ANY paid traffic source we’ve seen, and doesn’t cost a DIME to use. Unless you LIKE wasting time and money, this is hands-down the best traffic generating system available today.

Don’t Want To Pay For Ads Or Waste HOURS

Creating Content Each Day?

You Don’t Have To, Because Now You Can Get Real, Targeted, BUYING Traffic To Your Offers In Just Minutes.

Our Goal With Trafficbuilder…

Was To Get Users The Best Results Of Paid Traffic, With None Of The Costs.

To Make This Happen, It Had To Be Able To:

  • Let Users Set Up Winning Traffic Campaigns In Just Minutes…
  • Drive Hands-Free, Long Term Traffic To Any Offer In Any Niche…
  • Tap Into A Massive And Growing Platform Of BUYERS Actively searching for solutions to their problems.

That’s EXACTLY What TrafficBuilder Does

And Here Are The Results:


So Simple ANYONE Can Do It.

Just Plugin The Software And Start Driving Traffic To ANY Link You Want

Is This Beginner Friendly?

YUP! This is so easy to use, you don’t need any experience at all.

All you need is a product to promote, then the software takes care of the rest.

It’ll tap into a powerful social network of proven buyers to drive traffic anywhere you want – affiliate links, your own products, eCom stores – this is the easiest way to drive traffic we’ve EVER used.

Can I Scale This To Build My Business?

Absolutely! The beauty of this traffic-driving system is there are no ad costs involved.

So you can test campaigns with zero financial risk, then scale up the top performers.

In no time you’ll have highly optimized campaigns driving converting traffic to any offer you want.

Automated Traffic Thanks To TrafficBuilder


The software exploits one of the most popular, UNTAPPED social networks on the planet: Reddit. Then it completely AUTOMATES your marketing on the platform.

Traditionally Reddit has scared marketers away, because it has a certain way of doing things. TrafficBuilder makes sure your posts comply with all of Reddit’s best practices … so you get in front of a massive source of COMPLETELY UNTAPPED traffic.

Laser-Targeted BUYER Traffic

With No Competition

Until now, marketing on Reddit was a nightmare. Get one thing wrong and your posts practically disappear.
This means most marketers aren’t going anywhere near Reddit, which opens up massive opportunities for you.


Imagine Tapping Into:

Without Paying A Single Cent For Ads!